Premium Quality Natural Ground Cover

Atlanta Pine Straw offers a wide variety of natural, premium-quality ground cover products at very competitive prices.

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Long Leaf Pine

Longleaf pine straw is considered the best variety of straw for landscaping use because it contains more resin which means the straw will break down more slowly, lasting longer and keeping its color longer.


Premium Mulch

Not all mulch is created equal! Ask about which mulch types will work best for you. Choose from Cypress Mulch, Red-Dyed Mulch, Hardwood Mulch, and Playground Safe Mulch.


Pine Nuggets

Pine Bark Nuggets give a good protection against the shock of rainfall, the germination of weeds and helping to regulate soil temperature.


Slash Pine

Slash pine straw helps prevent erosion, maintains ground moisture while controlling weeds and is excellent for landscapes with undulations and slopes where most other ground covers will wash away.

Premium Quality Pine Straw

Hand-raked and hand-baled, this pine straw is free of debris, pine cones, and dirt. The tight bales mean that one bale is guaranteed to cover at least 50 square feet.